The Freelancer's Guide to Winning Incredible Clients through Google+ Mastery

A 3 - part step-by-step online course.

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A course showing you how to…

  • Land bigger and better jobs
  • Stand out from the rest on Google+
  • Make more money, more often
  • Save time through streamlining your online activity

"Alex has really mastered the art of self promotion via online social activity. This course is an important read for any professional freelancer."

Catalin Zorzini, Founder, Inspired Magazine

“The most comprehensive yet simple guide on using the power of Google+ to win a stream of top clients, customers and projects.”

Think about how you use social media right now as a freelancer. Do you use it purposefully for gaining new clients? Is it a means for you to nurture ongoing professional relationships with people you met at an event? Do you use social media for professional purposes at all?

Most freelancers are failing to take advantage of the immense benefits of social media networks in attracting and winning exceptional clients, developing ongoing relationships, and ultimately expanding their careers. In fact, many professionals are failing to use the web to truly benefit from it in these ways.

Jacob Cass"Mathers’ digestible insights, examples and to-the-point tutorials allow you to master Google+ in an efficient but highly effective manner."

Jacob Cass, Designer, Just Creative Design

You may already know the value in using social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter to gain clients and jobs, yet consistently get little benefit from them, beyond finding out what a friend got up to at the weekend, stumbling on an interesting article, or hearing of some breaking news. That might sound familiar to many of you!

A lot of freelancers and other independent workers are experiencing the frustration of irregular work, lack of security and wasted time by simply approaching self promotion and the tools of social media in ways that are just not effective.


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Rod Hunt“Do we actually need another social network? Alex Mathers gives us his insight into unlocking the potential of Google+, and compelling reasons why it is a useful and unique business tool for freelancers."

Rod Hunt, Illustrator and Lecturer on Self Promotion

You might think Google’s social network, Google+ is just another website to join and potentially waste your time on, in addition to all the other web platforms you are on. If you see it that way, that’s probably how it will work out for you.

The truth is that you can enjoy the sense of control that comes with knowing exactly how to work with Google+ for winning clients, fans and customers, and ultimately gaining the freedom that comes with regular and secure work as a freelancer.

“I'd be surprised if Google didn't change the face of the Internet all by itself. I think even those using it haven't fully grasped the opportunity of Google+ just yet.”

H. Reardon, Blogger

Google really have created something special for not only connecting socially, but for its use as a powerful professional tool. The benefits for professional use (as well as for fun) are already very evident.

Google+ Pros Include:

  • Creates much more targeted sub-networks of people through ‘circles’
  • Combines the benefits of Facebook and Twitter in a professional environment
  • Better for collaboration and gaining specific advice and critique
  • Large and growing user-base of professional people
  • Integrated with other Google products, services and Google search
  • Allows for more safety and more control.

Case Study

Here’s a case study of a graphic novelist, Rich Barrett who has been seeing some success in using Google+. Bear in mind that Rich hasn’t even been using the ideas in the course and is already finding it very fruitful:

Rich Barrett“I've been on Google+ since the beginning and immediately got very active in the creative community that seemed to gravitate towards it right away.

I regularly post a lot of drawings as I do them, especially these weekly drawings that I post every week. I generally get a good amount of interaction on them and when I decided to announce that I would be selling four different prints I immediately got a pre-order for all of them. Google+ has also proven to be very useful to me when I began selling the first volume of my graphic novel on my website.

In addition to all of this, one of my connections on Google+, an author, commissioned me to do an illustration for her website after being impressed by the work I had been posting to G+.”

How the Course Breaks Down

This course tells you everything you need to know to attract regular clients and customers you want to work with over the long-term using Google+. The step-by-step course is broken down into 3 parts:

Part 1

What you need to do, both technically and non-technically in order to prepare yourself for using Google+ in the optimum way.

Part 2

A step-by-step into exactly how to get set up on Google+ in a way that will benefit you the most as a freelancer.

Part 3

Taking ‘action’ inside Google+ in order to build and grow a network of responsive, loyal and interested people. We discuss things like finding key decision-makers, ‘relationship marketing’ and engagement, and how to do it most effectively inside Google+ to create incredible opportunities for you.

Anders Schepelern"A well-written, comprehensive guide on how to master the secrets of Google+."

Anders Schepelern, CEO,

Anders Schepelern"Alex has created an impressively thorough, easy to follow course that leaves you feeling excited about the opportunities Google+ has to offer freelancers. Everything I wanted to know was here in one place, as well as insights into possibilities I never would have considered on my own."

Joanna Falon, Illustrator

Who am I to tell you all this?

My name’s Alex Mathers, a self-taught freelance illustrator and writer who also runs site for freelancers Red Lemon Club and another visual arts site Ape on the Moon. I have written extensively on self promotion, freelancing and business for various other sites, including a book on online self promotion that comes with this course.

On top of my own previous marketing, networking and social media research and experience, I’ve spent many months learning about Google+, whilst also referring to many other social media experts, and I can tell you, I’m very excited about what Google+ has to offer for freelancers.

Reviews from previous publications:

Scott Belsky"Alex Mathers has mastered the methods for effective self promotion in the creative world."

Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance, The 99%

Jenny Lloyd"I recently bought Alex's ebook, and I think its wonderful. Since I started implementing Alex's ideas the number of client queries I have received has trebled, and I have more contacts in the industry than ever before.”

Jenny Lloyd, Illustrator

Darwin Yamamoto"9 Steps is a fantastic guide that can elevate your creative self. Throughout I felt inspired, and by the end I felt ready."

Darwin Yamamoto, Senior UX Designer at Microsoft

You could decide to go online and find information on using Google+ for free, and if that’s the case, then all the best to you.

What I have here is effectively the culmination of 4 years of building a successful freelancing business from scratch, and several months worth of putting together a working system specifically for freelancers and independent workers, that uses the power of Google+ to its fullest.

This is something that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Buying this course will be an investment you make for life and you can be minutes away from a more fruitful freelancing career should you decide to go for it.

An overview of what is included in this 3-Part (totalling 185 pages) course:

  • Setting yourself up as a freelancer who is well positioned for attracting top clients
  • Being properly set up online to complement your Google+ presence
  • How to get set up on Google+ in the optimum way as a freelancer
  • How to operate practically everything you do professionally online from Google+
  • Building and growing sub-networks inside Google+ for generating leads
  • Technical tips and tricks in Google+ to boost your self-promotion
  • Adding targeted people to your Google+ network
  • Engagement and relationship building
  • Turning connections into clients
  • Maintaining ongoing professional relationships with past clients
  • A great deal more

Have a Look inside

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Kelly Clay"Alex clearly understands the relevance and importance of Google+ for personal brands. This course is a must-read for not just freelancers, but anyone looking to land their next job."

Kelly Clay, Technology Blogger, Lockergnome


Included with an instant download to the course, are several bonus products that will provide a huge amount of additional value for you in expanding your freelancing career.

These are:

twitter cover

5 Steps to a Solid Twitter Network, for Freelancers

A guide showing you how to set yourself up on Twitter effectively, as well as building and growing a large and solid network of people relevant to your industry as a freelancer.

Worth: $27

facebook ads secrets

Facebook Ads Secrets

Attract the right people and substantially grow your online presence with the power of Facebook ads.

Worth: $19

10 steps

10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives

My popular 223-page guide on using the power of the Internet for self promotion, driving traffic to your sites, winning clients and making sales. For creatives and freelancers.

Worth: $39

9 steps

9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self

A step by step guide on how to be a bolder, more focused, more innovative and more productive creative genius.

Worth: $27

Total Bonus Worth: $112 USD

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